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[Watch] Deaf Woman Disappointed After KFC Doesn’t Take Her Order At Drive-Thru

[Watch] Deaf Woman Disappointed After KFC Doesn’t Take Her Order At Drive-Thru

Malaysia’s disregard for the OKU community is known throughout the world.

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Local entrepreneur and vlogger, Siti Aira Sharina or Aira Meor, was left feeling emotional after her recent trip to a KFC to get something to eat.

See, as a member of the Deaf community here in Malaysia, Aira had frequented the restaurant in question before and would communicate with the staff through her own unique way.

Aira told of how she would previously head over to the drive-thru section of the eatery to make her order and simply went straight to the window manned by an actual person instead of talking through a screen – which obviously was impossible for her to do.

“I would write my order down or point to the menu. The staff were nice and understood that I was Deaf.” signed Aira in her TikTok video confession which had gained massive attention on social media.

But this time around, Aira claims that staff at the KFC had left her rather stupefied by how they failed to understand her particular predicament.

Aira said that she had spent time organizing a sort of picturebook menu of what she wanted to order on her phone to make it easier for the restaurant staff, but was instead rejected and told to head inside the store to purchase her food.

“Suddenly a different staff asked me to go to the counter inside KFC,” she noted and explained that they couldn’t take her order right then and there.

Feeling disappointed, Aira said that she simply drove off hungry without her food.

In her video, Aira made it clear that she did not want to make a fuss out of the issue, so she didn’t mention where the KFC was located.

She only asked that KFC’s management improve their facilities to include amenities to make it easier for persons with disabilities (OKU) like herself to purchase a meal.

Sharing her grief and frustrations, netizens had asked for KFC as well as other places to make life more convenient for the country’s OKU community.

If you are interested in checking out how individuals like Aira navigate through daily life, be sure to watch more of her TikTok videos or her YouTube channel where she catalogues her experiences as an OKU here in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s negligence towards the OKU community is globally known

Earlier this year, Senator Ras Adiba Radzi – Malaysia’s parliamentary OKU representative – was featured in a VICE documentary commenting on how the country still has a long way to go in recognising and empowering the rights of our OKU community.

People’s mindsets have to change, discrimination has to be reduced, and people need to be able to look at us and speak to us like we are just like everybody else. I aspire to see Malaysia be a disabled-friendly country.

Senator Ras Adiba Radzi via VICE News

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