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5 Easy Halloween Home Décor For That Fun Yet Dark Vibe

5 Easy Halloween Home Décor For That Fun Yet Dark Vibe

Some of this décor can last all-year round.

Adeline Leong

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Halloween doesn’t have to be boring if you don’t have anywhere to go. With a little imagination and creativity, you can quickly spruce up your home with some simple decor.

Here are some popular ideas making its round online which you can follow.

Squid Game door

Substitute the red ribbon with a pink ribbon. Image from @bestofchristmas

Inspired by the trending Christmas décor using ribbons for doors, you can make your own ‘terrifying’ version this Halloween.

All you have to do is to repaint your door black or cover it with a black cloth and tie a pink ribbon right in the centre.

If this looks familiar, it’s because it’s the exact colour of the coffin boxes in the show Squid Game. It looks like a cute décor for those who did not watch the show but it strikes fear in the hearts of anyone who know what it means.

Skeletons in cages

Images from Kaylie Porter/ FB

Half of your battle is done if you already own a few plastic skeletons. This year, you can reuse your scary Halloween toys and put them all in cages.

The cages can be easily fashioned using two plastic buckets and hung up at home with a rope.

If you’re willing to take it a step ahead, the plastic buckets can be sprayed with gunmetal or black spray to give it an old prison cell look.

Bubbling cauldrons

Images from Kallie Lynn/ FB

This bubbling cauldron idea is sure to be a hit for plant lovers. Get yourself a few pots of String of Pearls from a nursery nearby and re-pot them in mini cauldrons.

They’ll look great in the bathroom by the sink or as table décor in the living room.

String of Pearls is an indoor plant that’s easy to care for. Just remember not to overwater the plants and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Cemetery terrarium

Images from @thehorrorgallery

Here’s another idea for plant lovers this Halloween. Other than having a bubbling cauldron, you can make your own cemetery terrarium or cemeterrarium.

It’s not that difficult to make one of your own. First, you start out by making the usual terrarium and then add on the mini ‘scary’ décor such as mini headstones, Halloween-themed toys or creating something else using twigs.

Pool noodle candles

Images from Swimming Pools of Tupelo and Craft and Creations with AD

Before chucking the old pool noodles, you can recycle it to make a set of spooky candles. Cut the pool noodles to the length you want and hold it all in place using a rubber band.

To make it really look like a bunch of candles, use a hot glue gun to create wax drips at the sides of the pool noodles. Finish it off by spray painting the whole set in black or red paint.

Finally, you can place a few plastic LED candles on top of each ‘candle’ to mimic a lit candle.

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