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An Act Of Kindness Highlights Flaw In National Infrastructure

An Act Of Kindness Highlights Flaw In National Infrastructure

Grab rider helps blind man cross 6-lane traffic in Gombak.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

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We were taught to be kind since we were in kindergarten. We all know that we should pick up litter if we see them and help out those who are in need. It’s basic common decency.

But admit it, as we grow older, it’s not so common anymore.

Well, recently a video went viral showing a Grab rider stopping by the roadside and helping a blind man cross a busy multi-lane road.

The sheer lack of hesitation that this Grab rider shows, to do this act of kindness, puts a lot of us to shame.

Without missing a beat, the rider got down from their motorcycle and led the blind man across six lanes of traffic before running back to their motorcycle.

The rider is believed to be a woman and the incident, according to the video, happened in Gombak.

According to a post, even the folks at Grab are looking for her, perhaps to reward her for her good deed.

The Real Issue

As one tweet pointed out, this is what happens when cities are built for cars and not people.

His sentiments were echoed by another who said that the issue is that there is a lack of facilities for disabled pedestrians.

So what can us everyday Malaysians do? As one Twitter user puts it: this is the kind of act that should be made viral and be an aspiration for all of us.

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