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Henry Golding Teaches You Breast Self Familiarization In This Flashback Video

Henry Golding Teaches You Breast Self Familiarization In This Flashback Video

Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October and early detection is key in saving lives.

Maya Suraya

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as the name suggests, it helps to increase awareness for the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

By now, we hope you already know the drill to familiarise yourself with your breasts by doing regular self-examinations.

But if you didn’t know, or are procrastinating for whatever reason, maybe  Malaysian-Hollywood superstar heartthrob and acting extraordinaire Henry Golding will change your mind?

Old is Gold(ing)

A 12-year-old video has recently come to our attention (because this writer went down YouTube’s rabbit hole of videos) of a young and fresh-faced looking Henry during the height of his newly found fame as the host of the 8tV Quickie. In it, he teaches how to do a “breast self familiarization for breast cancer awareness.”

The video was uploaded on 4 November 2009 on what appears to be Henry Golding’s YouTube page.

Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani also appears in the video and together they explain how we can familiarise and examine our breasts while using Henry as a model.

People are still scared or lazy to do it

Although the video is over a decade old, the message it shares still holds today.

Henry brings up an important sentiment that even though people know that early detection can save your life, people don’t bother.

Sharifah then chimes in to say that some people are even scared to find out or give the excuse that the steps are too hard to learn to which Henry retorts with, “Absolutely nonsense, because if I can learn and teach you guys, well c’mon it’s easy.

And it really is! Here’s how:


Look at yourself in the mirror. Do several poses like putting your arms relaxed to the side, hands on your hips, arms raised above the head, and then hunch forward. Make sure to do it on both sides.

Look for differences in size, shape, texture, shape and colour.


Use your right hand to examine your left breast, while you place your left hand behind your head.


Use the top part of your three middle fingers to gently feel your breasts to feel just below the skin, and then press firmly to feel the deeper parts. Do this in circular movements and move around the breast in a clockwise direction.

The breast should feel smooth and there should be no hard lumps or unusual thickening.

Not sure what it feels like? Sharifah tells us to close our eyes and feel our eyeballs as a reference.


 Move your arms to your side and press the underarm to make sure you feel an emptiness in your armpit.

Repeat the steps on the other side.

This routine could save your life. Just make sure you do it once a month and the best time to do it is 7-10 days after your menses.

If you do feel or see any abnormalities, consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

Remember, the lumps don’t even need to hurt to be dangerous.

To watch for yourself, and in case you missed the link earlier, click here.

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