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Respect People’s Beliefs, Ignorant Netizens Told

Respect People’s Beliefs, Ignorant Netizens Told

No joke. Trying to convert people on football Tiktok without their consent is a different kind of dumb.

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“Please respect other religions and beliefs,” was the message conveyed by Malaysian social media users to their (let’s call em’ “ignorant”) peers when a viral TikTok video fueled conversations about bigotry online.

Netizens banded together in a show of support towards a local content creator by the username arivinraj_turu who reprimanded the actions of an insensitive commenter that had invited him to recite the Quran.

Replying to a comment made on one of his videos which said “Salam Turu, let’s learn to recite the Al-Fatihah,” the online personality, whose content was mostly related to bantering about football, expressed his distaste with the out-of-context engagement.

“From this comment, I think you already know that I’m not Muslim, I’m Hindu. But you choose not to respect my religion,” he said in retort, explaining that if the tables were turned, it would have made for even bigger news.

Turu reminded his viewers to try and avoid making such immoral statements on social media and implied that there was a time and a place for such actions.

It’s not wrong to preach, but there are proper ways to do it. This isn’t preaching, this is stupid.

arivinraj_turu via TikTok

Reply to @putih123321 thanks for coming to my TED talk

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The creator’s confessions point to a growing concern toward cyberbullies who use online platforms to intimidate and harass people of varying beliefs.

Netizens further move to reveal that the racist, bigoted, and prejudiced problem is worse than most people would care to accept and extends well beyond cyberspace.

While some took to apologizing and take responsibility for what had been said.

(Credit: arivinraj_turu via TikTok)

Others, instead, chose to reinforce the idea that as Malaysians, nay, human beings, we must learn to love and respect one another.

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