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Malaysian MPs Made Into 8Bit RPG Characters: See How They Rank

Malaysian MPs Made Into 8Bit RPG Characters: See How They Rank

Each MP is scored from 0 to 10 based on their performance and other attributes.

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Whether the country is or is not in a crisis, it’s definitely dangerous to go around alone being uninformed on politics and the characters that fill up the 222 seats in the Dewan Rakyat roster.

A team of volunteers working with the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) developed a unique online tool for Malaysians to get to know their elected representatives.

Calling it MyMP, the website was launched in August 2021 and provides a fun RPG or roleplaying game-like experience – allowing people to dive into the history and performances of the nation’s Members of Parliament (MP).

(Credit: MyMP)

Chose your character!

Each MP is represented by a zany and might we say accurately depicted digital 8bit character, accompanied by a list of their current stats and attributes where elected officials are scored from 0 to 10 reflective of their:

  • Availability: how easy or difficult it is to get in touch with them through social media or other means.
  • Transparency: how open the MP is with their finances in terms of declaring their assets.
  • Loyalty: how frequent or infrequent the MP changes their allegiances and constituencies.
  • Win Rate: how likely an MP is to retain or win a seat in Parliament.
  • Work Ethic: based on the MPs attendance rate in Parliament, how much they participate during proceedings and their participation in Parliamentary Committees.

MPs are also given identifying trophies or ‘badges’ like:

  • ‘Katak’ badge: earned for having jumped political parties or coalitions.
  • ‘Langgar SOP’ badge: earned by violating Covid-19 SOP.
  • ‘Disiasat’ badge: indicating that an MP was currently under investigation for something.
  • ‘Kena Covid’ badge: MPs that were infected with Covid-19.
(Credit: MyMP)

The creators of MyMP say that the online tool gives voters an open, non-partisan and practically entertaining way of keeping track of who they vote into power.

The data featured on MyMP is understood to be made through research and observations by a team of volunteers at MCCHR, Sinar Project and Undi18 – by sifting through online sources as well as public records such as CTOS statements and official Parliament Hansard transcripts.

The tool even has a ‘flag’ function for the public to collectively work together in correcting any errors made and more accurately measure each MP’s performance.

Head on over (HERE) if you’d like to experience MyMP yourself to search for and evaluate your favourite or despised MPs.

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