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‘Hindustani’ Speaking Vaccine Volunteer Brings Joy To Foreigners & Has A Message For Malaysians

‘Hindustani’ Speaking Vaccine Volunteer Brings Joy To Foreigners & Has A Message For Malaysians

She decided to learn to speak the language to make her job easier.

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Patients at the Bukit Jalil vaccination centre (PPV) are in for a special treat as one of its volunteers appears to be well versed in Hindi (or Urdu depending on where you’re from).

A video posted by Twitter user ‘too turnt ansywni’ showcased snippets of herself joyfully communicating with Bangladeshi and Pakistani migrants in their local tongue while she was on duty at the PPV counter.

The heartwarming clip showed the humble volunteer smiling behind her facemask while asking questions and explaining to incoming patients exactly what they need to do in order to proceed with their vaccinations.

Do unto others

“Learning their language makes my job so much faster! and I love to see their reaction the moment I speak!” wrote the local polyglot saying that it brings her great joy to be able to communicate and welcome people in their own language.

She then went on to elaborate her concerning observations on how other volunteers were being rude and disrespectful when conversing with foreigners and simply conveyed the message that people should be nicer to each other and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Regardless of who they are, treat them nicely. Don’t scold them, just don’t. I understand it can be difficult to communicate with them. They don’t understand us, we don’t understand them. There are even those (volunteers) who insult them. Why do you treat them that way? Treat them how you want to be treated. Making them feel welcomed makes our job easier.

too turnt ansywni via Twitter.

Besides being super impressed by her multilingual skills, Malaysians shared a heartwarming ‘thank you’ to the enthusiastic volunteer for the empathy and dedication she showed towards others and in performing her responsibilities.

Some also noted how the volunteer had managed to embody Malaysia’s multiculturalism roots and stayed true to our colours.

However, some also conveyed the opinion that foreigners must take up the effort to learn to speak Bahasa Malaysia since they are here.

But there were those who share the mindset that we Malaysians have nothing to lose when learning how to speak in other languages besides BM.

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