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Small Hall And Public Toilets Among Reasons Why Parliament Has To Be Suspended: MOH

Small Hall And Public Toilets Among Reasons Why Parliament Has To Be Suspended: MOH

Although the infographic is informative, netizens are having none of it.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

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The Ministry of Health tried to clear the air with a neat infographic showing the reasons why they recommended that the Parliament Special Sitting had to be suspended.

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It says that before the special sitting, 56 positive cases and 4 close contacts were detected.

During the special sitting, 11 more positive cases were detected and an additional 48 close contacts were discovered. 

Finally on 30 July, after the Parliament was put on hold when the Agong rebuked the government for misleading Parliament, another 9 positive cases were detected with a contact tracing investigation still ongoing.

The Ministry cited two factors why the Parliamentary sitting is a high-risk infectious gathering.

The Epidemiology Factor

  • The 6 positive cases detected during the sitting were highly infectious and at risk of becoming superspreaders.
  • Most of the attendees at the Parliament are the elderly.
  • Not everyone at the Parliament is vaccinated. 

The Environmental Factor

  • The enclosed nature of the Parliamentary hall increases the risk of infection.
  • The fact that Parliamentarians and others stay in the hall for long periods increases the chance of infection. 
  • Sharing of public facilities such as toilets and suraus.
  • Physical distance within the hall is less than a meter despite the plastic barriers between parliamentarians.

What Do You Think?

As comments on KKM’s Twitter are still disabled, netizens took to quoting and retweeting the graphic.

If the MOH were expecting the netizens to understand, well…

How about the common people in other workplaces?

If having a lot of old people is the problem, the solution is easy, right?

Of course, there are also those who agree. But, the sarcasm is thick as tar.

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