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[Review] A Tremendously Satisfying Burger By Sugar_Absolute

[Review] A Tremendously Satisfying Burger By Sugar_Absolute

It doesn’t take much to make a great burger.

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What makes a burger? A patty, beef, chicken or vegetarian, sandwiched by a bun, and maybe some lettuce and cheese. The more ingredients the burger has, the harder it is working to satisfy your taste buds.

Boy, have I stumbled across a treasure though. A burger that doesn’t work hard to impress, but instead just does it right off the bat.

Opening the somewhat rustic and simple brown bag released an aroma of spices and flavour that had me wanting more before I even took the first bite.

First as my standard modus operandi, the fries. Perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, coupled with a balance of crispy-ness left me wishing the chips bag was deeper. After getting through the fries, the deciding moment, the burger.

My oh my was it a burger. Picking it up, it had a lovely weight to it, so you know its filled with love and passion. Opening the wrapping led to love at first sight.

A soft, fluffy, buttery cloud of a clearly homemade artisan bun, embracing a heavenly smashed beef patty, also beautifully seasoned. The patty being smashed, swims through a “heaty” mystery sauce that had my mind begging to know and my taste buds insisting on a bite.

My teeth sunk through the heavenly buttery goodness of the bun to meet a burst of spice like a party. Was that hard work for the burger? Not at all.

After the first bite, I thought I had the burger all figured out. The patty, sauce and lettuce all playing their part in a spectacular act. Little did I know, a cheeky little pickle caught me off guard.

All in all it was a sensational burger that I wouldn’t mind having every week, and I’d certainly choose it over fast food chains. Sugar_Absolute is home-based in Cyberjaya, and is available for order via their Instagram.

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