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Malaysian TikToker Saves The Day With This Online Shopping Hack

Malaysian TikToker Saves The Day With This Online Shopping Hack

It’s almost 7/7 and you know what that means? Sale time!

Maya Suraya

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It’s lunchtime and like most Malaysians during MCO, I’m stuck at home looking for a source of entertainment to fill up my hour-long lunch break.

So what do I do? I go on TikTok lah!

After casually browsing, I came across a video by a popular TikToker Aqil Zulkiflee. With over a million views, surely it’s something interesting. I was not disappointed.

We all know how shipping fees can often cost between RM2 and RM5 for small items, and even more for big items. Here’s some good news though: Aqil found a hack on Lazada to get free shipping up to RM10, and with no minimum spend to boot.


Hack cara halal weh 😂 Korang cuba la buat dapat RM0 FREE SHIPPING!!! ##AskLaz ##FreeShipping ##Lazada

♬ original sound – aqilzulkiflee

Using his comedic charm, Aqil goes on to tap the button on the bottom right corner of the app that says “Chat With Customer Care” which then prompted “Cleo” to reply with “Hi Aqil”.

He then typed in “Saya nak RM0 free shipping” and before he knew it, he was asked a quiz question (which looks relatively easy to answer, to be honest). Despite getting the simple maths equation wrong, Aqil still received a prize in the form of RM0 free shipping with NO minimum spend.

And as any TikTok user would do, I decided to try the hack and guess what? It works!

Talk about an unexpected turn of events. Apparently, the voucher is only valid from 5 to 7 July for Lazada’s Mid-Year sale. For those that have collected the voucher, you can only collect once, so don’t forget to redeem it before it expires!

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