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Weak Dating Game? Get Vaccinated, Suggests Malaysian Study

Weak Dating Game? Get Vaccinated, Suggests Malaysian Study

78% of Malaysian feel safer to date people who’ve been vaccinated.

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It looks like love is in the air here in Malaysia, and single folks around the country are more than eager to jump back into the dating game for face-to-face meetups, hookups and more once they and their prospective partners have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

A survey done by Lunch Actually – a dating service that tries to connect singles with their soulmates over lunch – found that 78% of Malaysian feel safer and would prefer to date people who’ve received the vaccination shots.

(Credit: Lunch Actually)

Polling the opinions from some 500 Malaysian singles aged between 31 and 45-years-young, the 2021 Dating and Vaccination study found that people want to stay as far away from any pesky anti-vaxxer in their dating life as possible.

The survey noted that 72% of respondents would rather choose to date someone with the same attitude and opinions about vaccinations as they do, while 43% of the singles surveyed agree that it was important for their potential dates to be inoculated.

But it’s okay if you’re still waiting for your jab

Despite the positive attitude towards reaching herd immunity, 61% of people still say yes to dating people who have not been vaccinated.

Lunch Actually CEO Violet Lim said that this proves that Malaysians felt better at ease when going out with someone who has been vaccinated but would still take a risk for love and date someone who hasn’t been jabbed. 

Singles have shared with us that they do not want this to hinder their chances of getting a match and writing them off immediately just based on their vaccination status.

Lunch Actually CEO Violet Lim.

Apparently, people are also of the opinion that getting vaccinated for Covid-19 wasn’t a sure fire way to be safe from being infected.

(Credit: Lunch Actually)

As more and more dating apps are now displaying vaccination status on profiles and bios, 34% of people agree that having a ‘Covid-19 vaccine badge’ would help them get more matches, while another 51% agreed that it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s chances of obtaining that love at first swipe.

However, the study itself found that 17% of the respondents have already received their vaccines while another 72% wants to be vaccinated as soon as their names are called.

(Credit: Lunch Actually)

As of 14 June, more than 1.41 million Malaysians have fully received their 1st and 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, while 1.86 million people have gotten their 1st jabs.

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