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Kelantan ‘Tok Bomoh’ Cancels Covid-19 Healing Service Over Fear Of Being Infected

Kelantan ‘Tok Bomoh’ Cancels Covid-19 Healing Service Over Fear Of Being Infected

There is no scientific proof that alternative medicine can heal Covid-19.

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It seems that even our local shamans are no match for the deadly Covid-19 virus and have deferred to the wonders of modern medicine

A duo of Bomohs in Kelantan decided to cancel their plans to offer their traditional healing services as a treatment for coronavirus patients over fears of backlash as well as being infected with the disease themselves.

According to a report by Malaysiakini, word of the ‘Ustaz Mat Tok Bomoh’ practice run by two 50-year-old individuals who called themselves Ustaz Mat and Ustaz Dor recently caught the attention of Malaysians online with their offer to cure the Covid-19 disease.

(Credit: Malaysiakini)

Ustaz Dor had explained that they originally intended on using ‘Islamic medicine’ and verses from the Quran in order to treat Covid-19 patients and those who had close contact with positive cases.

However, Ustaz Don admitted that their healing practices may contradict with what modern medicine has to say about Covid-19 and further realised that not many people believe that Islamic medicine can be used to cure the disease.

Meanwhile, his partner Ustaz Mat (who specialises in ‘sakit urat’ or vein problems in the body), claims that more than 50 people had been in contact with him to receive treatment for Covid-19.

He went on to explain that because the risk of infection was too great, their Tok Bomoh traditional healing practice never got off the ground.

“We cancelled the treatment after thinking of the risks of infection on ourselves and our families. We are telling our patients to receive medical attention at the clinics or hospitals.”

Ustaz Mat via Malaysiakini

Alternative medicine does not work for Covid, says science

Word of the Covid Bomohs also reached the office of Kelantan Health Department Director Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin who stressed for the public not to believe in such unscientific claims of magical coronavirus cures.

According to the doctor, it’s best for people to rely on science and get the appropriate medical attention they need at the clinic or hospital.

The idea to treat Covid-19 patients with Islamic medicine had been previously proposed by Guchil Assemblyman and Kelantan’s local government and health deputy state executive councillor, Hilmi Abdullah.

Hilmi had suggested using ‘healing water’ blessed with verses from the Quran to study if it can be a viable treatment for Covid-19.

With the help of the Health Ministry (KKM) studies can be made to determine the changes in patients. They still need to take their medicine of course.

Hilmi Abdullah via Sinar Harian.

So Raja Bomoh’s spell didn’t work huh?

Just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores in March 2020, the nation’s infamous self-proclaimed King of the Bomohs, Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zain A.K.A. Raja Bomoh, had appeared out of the woodworks in order to perform a ritual to protect Malaysia from diseases.

In a video circulating on the internet, Raja Bomoh had used his powers in order to cast a defensive shield around the country – supposedly to fend us against any microscopic invaders.

He also claimed that Bomohs from around the world had asked him to join in the fight against Covid-19.

Despite his peculiar methods, the shaman king had also advocated for the public to stay indoors and maintain healthy hygiene.

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