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When Illegally Parked Cars Block Path Of Public Bus, Heroic Malaysians Spring Into Action & Karma Is Served

When Illegally Parked Cars Block Path Of Public Bus, Heroic Malaysians Spring Into Action & Karma Is Served

Sweet, sweet karma!

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Never a pleasant experience, but it is all too common for Malaysians to find themselves stuck on the road thanks to inconsiderate drivers who parked their cars illegally on the sides. But it’s much worse when the vehicles stuck are public buses ferrying dozens of passengers at a time.

However, it looked like some inconsiderate drivers parked illegally at Taman Tasik Permaisuri in Cheras may have learnt this lesson the hard way.

A clip making rounds on social media showed two MRT feeder busses trapped on a road due to cars parked irresponsibly on both sides of the road.

Unable to carry on with the journey, the bus driver repeatedly honked for the owners to come remove their cars but no one did.

Thankfully, a bunch of Good Samaritans who witnessed the incident quickly jumped in to help by lifting and moving aside one particularly badly parked car to allow just enough wiggle room for the bus to go through.


Tengok sampai habis🥶🥶

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

And their efforts worked!

The buses managed to squeeze through the narrow gap between the cars. Though there is success, it appears that swift punishment was delivered to the illegally parked cars.

It appears that some of the cars may have wound up getting scratch marks as the buses attempted to pass. The grainy footage makes it hard to tell, but it is heavily insinuated by the poster.


Reply to @mochinnie13 sambungan.. 2 bas pulak tu yang lalu😬

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Do NOT park your cars illegally by the roadside, please.

Parking your vehicle outside of a designated parking area in Kuala Lumpur carries a RM50 fine within the first 14 days, after which, increases to RM100.

According to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), it is an offence to park your vehicle in a manner that causes traffic congestion. A RM100 compound will be issued for each offence.

It is also an offence to block traffic and carries a RM200 compound, while a RM300 compound is issued for blocking traffic in a dangerous manner.

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