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Property Agent Says “F*ck U Lah” To Potential Tenant For Refusing To Answer Rental Requirement Questions

Property Agent Says “F*ck U Lah” To Potential Tenant For Refusing To Answer Rental Requirement Questions

Malaysian renters know the pain.

Anne Dorall

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Recently, a Malaysian lady who was looking for a house to rent posted that she had encountered a rude property agent.

She was asking for additional details of the rental unit and negotiating the price with the agent. The agent then asked for a list of her personal details and requirements.

She only provided brief information such as the number of occupancy, her race, and her business. The property agent then insisted that she complete the full list of details, including whether she was looking for partially or fully furnished properties, the required number of rooms, move-in date, duration and budget for rental.

The lady then said that she wanted to know more details of the rental unit and questioned why the agent required so much information from her.

To her surprise, the agent responded in an extremely rude manner.

A screenshot of the exchange went viral on social media.
(Credit: TRP)

In retailiation, she posted screenshots of the property agent’s name and company online, which quickly went viral.

However, it is understood that the lady and the property agent have since put aside their differences and have come to an understanding.

She has since deleted the original post, and notes that the matter is closed. In her comments, she speculates that the property agent may have been having a bad day and lashed out.

The renter’s dilemma

Renting is hard, and anyone who has dealt with property agents before knows that before you can discuss the property, you must first provide a list of personal details.

Usually, this includes details such as race, marital status, and occupation, which many Malaysians have noted to promote racism.

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However, there are also more important details that will help the property agent find a good option for their potential clients, such as whether or not they are looking for funished units, the length of stay, and how soon they are looking to move in.

Property agents have to align with the property owner about multiple things, such as when the property will be available for rent.
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We’re not sure why she would not want to tell the property agent about her rental requirements, especially since she was asking about it anyway.

Still, it goes to show that a simple question can lead to a big misunderstanding!

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