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Lovable “Mak Idah” Gained Global Affection With Her Sweet Livestream Videos

Lovable “Mak Idah” Gained Global Affection With Her Sweet Livestream Videos

Mak Idah promised to share more content in the future.

Akmal Hakim

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“Starting from just six kids, I now have thousands!” said 60-year-old Penang entrepreneur Rosidah Ahmad following her recent rise to “influencer” status after melting the hearts of netizens around the world with her sweet, sincere and humorous live streaming videos.


Mak Idah, as she’s lovingly referred to by her fans, became the talk of the town when her Facebook Live “bundle” clothing business took off to great success with support from Malaysians online.

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Besides selling her stock of assorted garments for just RM1 each, Mak Idah captured the attention of many who now tune in to her late-night livestream videos to “gossip” and “talk gibberish” as the senior businesswoman calls it.

“Later at 2 am, everyone can come and join me to talk nonsense,” Mak Idah said casually as she invites people to join one of her streaming sessions.

Mak Idah’s popularity grew so much that she was even invited to appear on television at Astro Gempak TV.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says "Daniel Cheang Thank you Mak sudi datang studio Astro untuk program Gempak TV (Khamis,9 Astro Ria & YouTube) Semua nantikan ok! Kita up episode Mak Idah 13h Love Reply 1"

Businesswoman to blogger

Mak Idah told TRP that she had been an entrepreneur since the 90s’ – running a small business selling food, particularly Nasi Lemak. She later shifted her business online and began selling clothing with the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) that came along with it.

“I wasn’t able to operate business as usual because of government orders. I tried to make a living online through Facebook and sell bundle clothes for RM1 to the less fortunate,” she explained.

However, she said that there were also many kindhearted people who purchased her products so that Mak Idah would donate the clothes and food to the needy on their behalf.

With inspiration and support from her family members and a little technical help from her children, Mak Idah said that she was able to learn how to start and navigate her way through the online marketplace to run her business.

Now, Mak Idah has her own personal blog where she posts regular updates to entertain and share her stories to her audience or “kids” as she fondly refers to her fans.

In one of her livestreams, Mak Idah promised to continue sharing more of her personal life stories and even some of her favourite recipes with everyone who tunes in.

Mak Idah also said that she hopes to expand her business in the future, connect with more people and help those in need.

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