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Traditional Chamber Pots Are Being Sold As “Chinese Antique Fruit Bowl” Online & We’re Losing Our Minds

Traditional Chamber Pots Are Being Sold As “Chinese Antique Fruit Bowl” Online & We’re Losing Our Minds

Just because things are old doesn’t make them antiques.

Anne Dorall

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Many of us have grown up, or at least seen, the family chamber pot.

It would usually look something like this.
(Credit: Amazon)

However, someone has put the common chamber pot up for sale… as a “traditional Chinese antique fruit basket”!

The item, found on the US e-commerce website Amazon, was listed for sale at $31.99 (around RM130). On the listing, the item is described as a “limited production of the 60s” and “can be used as a basket or a stand-alone desktop decoration”.

The listing also shows images of all the “potential uses” of the chamber pot, such as a holder for french bread or an ice bucket for alcohol!

Certainly a bit of imagination was used here!
(Credit: Amazon)

The listing also notes that it “can be used as a unique gift for your friends who like to collect old products”, noting that the giftee will be “very surprised”.

Very surprised indeed, to receive a chamber pot as a gift!

But what is it, exactly?

The chamber pot is usually used by our older relatives may insist on it for a bit of a nighttime relief, or to teach young kids how to use the toilet properly, or even historically used as a spittoon for spitting out tobacco.

It was extremely common in Asia in the 1980s and 1990s, and is often decorated with pairs of Mandarin ducks or ‘double happiness’ because a brand new one would be gifted to a married couple as a gift as they began their new lives together.

So even if you might find it quite pretty, some “antiques” aren’t meant to be decorative!

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