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Malaysian Man Makes Over RM30K As Personal IKEA Food Runner After Switching Careers Due To MCO

Malaysian Man Makes Over RM30K As Personal IKEA Food Runner After Switching Careers Due To MCO

He even had a team of runners working with him.

Akmal Hakim

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2020 has been rough for everybody, but despite the lockdowns, economic slowdown and not to mention the mental breakdowns, there are those who still managed to survive this weird year with some triumphant achievements.

One Malaysian in particular captured the attention of his fellow netizens for not only running a successful business but also satisfying Klang Valley’s cravings for Swedish treats during the long Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

On a viral Twitter thread showcasing Malaysians and their personal accomplishments for 2020, Joe, from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur shared his experience of managing a small business delivering IKEA Restaurant food items, briefly, during the MCO.

From online seller to personal shopper

In his post, Joe tells of how he had set up a “personal shopper” business delivering IKEA speciality items such as its famous meatballs, chicken wings, those huge egg-stuffed curry puffs and other delicious snacks between the month of March and May.

Making up to 100 deliveries a day, Joe said that he had started out his entrepreneurial endeavor after weeks of staying at home because of the lockdowns, and what began as a solo-gig soon turned into a team job as orders started piling up.

Sharing photos of trolleys full of IKEA delights, Joe says that he faced many challenges through the months, from his motorcycle breaking down to weathering many stormy days to bring the folks in KL their meals.

He also shared how he got to know the friendly staff at IKEA Cheras – where he makes his purchases – who even gave him free milk and chocolate when he visited.


Speaking to TRP, Joe said that when the Covid-19 pandemic first began, he was forced to temporarily close down his online business on Shopee and in turn started his short-term delivery service employing some of his friends and social media followers to share the bounty.

Joe said that he and his team of up to 10 people collected more than RM30,000 in earnings through the business before returning to their normal lives as MCO restrictions loosened.

Joe writes that he’s thankful to have been able to provide for himself and his colleagues during the enduring Covid-19 lockdowns.

You can read up on the whole thread, HERE.

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