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“No Nenen Piece Here” Kuching Restaurant’s Hilarious Reply To Customer Request

“No Nenen Piece Here” Kuching Restaurant’s Hilarious Reply To Customer Request

The chicken looks delicious, but the reply was spicy.

Kirat Kaur

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One man’s simple request for no chicken breasts in his fried chicken order made online has resulted in a moment of internet gold when the Kuching restaurant’s hilarious response was posted on social media.

Twitter user Ken (@ruffleseed) had placed an order for fried chicken at the famous Sarawak-based restaurant chain Sugar Bun in Kuching with the request of “don’t want breast meat” in various languages including “sik mok nenen” – or no boobs in Bahasa Sarawak mixed with local Chinese slang.

To his amusement -and ours, really – the restaurant complied with an equally cheeky reply that went:

Sorry sir, we only sell chest pieces here, no NENEN (boobs) piece here. Thank you sir. Enjoy your meal.

Suffice to say, the response has caused quite a stir online as Malaysians are tickled pink at the hilarity of it all.

Speaking to TRP, Ken said that this titillating response came yesterday evening from the Sugar Bun outlet in Emart Tabuan Jaya, Kuching.

As for his odd crusade against chicken breast, Ken explained that he had tweeted a couple weeks back about KFC sending him all breast pieces only despite requesting otherwise. So he made sure to make his request abundantly clear this time around.

And now sugarbun respected my requests and sent me only thighs and drums! But they joked back la – saying they don’t have nenen, only dada (but they didn’t sent any breasts)

Ken to TRP.

For those seeking a happy ending to this story, you’d be glad to hear that the Foodpanda rider has responded to Ken. The two will be looking for the cheeky Sugar Bun employee and hopefully go for boba tea together soon.

Who knows, they could all become bosom buddies!

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