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There’s An Online Petition Against Lipas Terbang & We Support 1000%

There’s An Online Petition Against Lipas Terbang & We Support 1000%

Death to all cockroaches!

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Cockroaches are disgusting. But flying cockroaches are pure nightmare fuel – which is why local digital mobile service Yoodo has set up an online petition against this wretched creature!

That’s right, there is now an online petition against flying cockroaches called “Malaysians Against Lipas Terbang #yoonity.”

Hosted on, the petition’s goal is to punish all flying cockroaches in Malaysia for “flying in our faces without our consent.”

Credit: Yoodo

We Malaysians have been quiet for far too long. We have all been shocked, scared or even publicly humiliated by flying cockroaches, and it is time for us to take a stand. It’s time for us to unite as a country, and fight back against flying cockroaches.

The petition even requests that all flying cockroaches are punished for this heinous crime, with a RM5,000 fine, or 2 years in cockroach prison, or both.

Obviously, this is something every Malaysian can stand behind because… cockroaches are DISGUSTING.

While no lawmaker is going to take this petition seriously, those who sign the petition can actually win some exclusive anti-lipas #Yoonity merchandise.

All you have to do is to take a screenshot after signing the petition and filling in this form (HERE).

So, why a petition against lipas terbang?

Well, Yoodo states that it simply wants to have some fun during the National Day & Malaysia Day celebrations by relating to all Malaysians on the most basic-level.

They even launched a  dramatic and quirky Merdeka Day advertisement, Not Your Normal Merdeka Ad #yoonity’, where Malaysians do not hide their feelings of contempt against the six-legged pest.

All jokes aside, no matter what the focal point may be, the spirit of being Malaysian is what truly binds us together. We are a proudly Malaysian company, and we’ve shown it over the last couple of years through various initiatives in our key target segments – tech, esports, active sports, music and entertainment – all aimed at connecting and uplifting communities.

Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo

For those brave souls who are unfazed by cockroaches, there’s even a special flying lipas-themed Instagram filter for you to try and win some pretty cool merchandise too.

The anti-lipas tote bag that TRP “won”

To try it out, look up ‘lipas terbang’ in the browse effects section in your Instagram filters, or go to Yoodo’s Instagram page (@yoodomy) and it’ll be under their filter section.

Then, post it on your Instagram story and tag @yoodomy with the hashtag #yoonity. There will be 20 lucky winners selected until 16 September, so good luck!

Screenshoot from Instagram

In the meantime, we suggest that you stock up on some cockroach spray for protection against the vile lipas terbang.

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