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Malaysians Shocked That Malaysians Are Shocked That Pork Floss Is NOT HALAL

Malaysians Shocked That Malaysians Are Shocked That Pork Floss Is NOT HALAL

We’re not even making any of this up.

Kirat Kaur

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Pork, and its products, are forbidden for consumption and use in Islam – almost everyone in Malaysia knows that.

Yet, one particular cereal product called “Ez Mini Crunchies Crispy Pork Floss” by Bee Cheng Hiang managed to find itself making rounds on social media and messaging platforms with a warning that the product is not halal.

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) then had to clarify that the pork product is indeed not halal and does not qualify for the Malaysian Halal Certification as it “uses non-halal ingredients from pork sources.”

The revelation shocked many – not because that the pork floss cereal was not halal, but for the fact that people were confused about a product that had the word pork labelled on the packaging.

Some commented that the product should be placed in the non-halal section of shops, but Bee Cheng Hiang products are only sold in their own standalone stores, and largely known for their sheets of bak kwa (Chinese pork jerky).

Moral of the story, read the packaging carefully before eating something. Or you can check the halal status of products in Malaysia via Portal Halal Malaysia (HERE) or through the SmartHalal smartphone application (HERE).

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