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Netizens Are Feeling Goosebumps From This Viral Video Of Malaysians Standing In Attention For Negaraku

Netizens Are Feeling Goosebumps From This Viral Video Of Malaysians Standing In Attention For Negaraku

Disrespecting the Negaraku can get you fined or jailed.

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In a touching Merdeka-themed video that’s trending online, Malaysians were moved by the patriotic spirit of their fellow countrymen in respecting our proud national anthem, the Negaraku.

Posted by Twitter user YbSadik, the 40-second clip begins with Malaysians from all walks of life enjoying their meals at what looks like a local eatery.

Then all of a sudden, as people were munching and going about their day, the national anthem began playing loudly in the background, surprising most who were present, as seen by the oblivious looks on their faces.

And as if on cue, men, women, and children of almost every creed and color were seen putting aside their appetites to stand in full attention of Negaraku.

The simple gesture of respect had netizens feeling goosebumps and overwhelmed with pride for their fellow Malaysians.

Others even came to share similarly proud moments where the rakyat had stood together in reverence to our national anthem.

Standing when Negaraku is playing is a mark of respect.

Though it’s often rather intuitive for us to rise and stand in respect to the national anthem, by law those who fail to do so without proper cause can get themselves into a band of trouble.

The National Anthem Act 1968 requires every able-bodied Malaysian to stand in attention every time the Negaraku is played, except when it comes to broadcasts like on TV and radio or on the news.

Under the law, anyone found to show disrespect towards the national anthem can be accountable to a RM100 fine or be locked up to a month in jail.

Moreover, any police officer who finds an individual guilty of disrespecting the national anthem can make an arrest, on sight, without the need of a warrant, unless the officer is happy with the cooperation shown by the person in question.

Goes to show when it comes to our national iconography, Malaysians can be mighty protective.

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