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Husband Cooking Group On Facebook Rallies To Help Unfortunate Beverage Vendor Buy Baju Raya

Husband Cooking Group On Facebook Rallies To Help Unfortunate Beverage Vendor Buy Baju Raya

Tasneem Nazari

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A modest, first-time beverage vendor discovered how kind, caring and generous Malaysians can be when they know you’re in need of some help.

Facebook user Khan Putra shared on the popular Facebook group Suami Masak Apa Hari Ini how he had planned to sell some beverages to make a bit of extra cash for Hari Raya celebrations. 

Based on Khan Putra’s post, the big batch of homemade iced sweetcorn beverages was intended to help make him a little bit of extra cash to buy some new clothes for the upcoming Eid-ul Fitr celebrations on Sunday (24 May).

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I was just about to start this business to find some money to make baju Raya. But it all ended up on the ground.

Khan Putra via Facebook
(Credit: Facebook)

Unfortunately, the effort ended in disaster when all the drinks somehow ended up being spilt onto the road, rendering them unconsumable and unable to be sold.

Clearly affected by what had happened, Khan Putra shared his predicament with the other members of the popular Facebook group, expressing how he wasn’t sure if he might laugh or cry.

Other members of the group tried comforting him by reminding him that there may be better things in the future for him instead and asked him to stay patient and strong.

And it seems as though they might be right.

Khan’s post started to gain traction, and soon other members of the group started to offer to buy the spoiled drinks.

(Credit: Facebook)

Then, a member of the group went the extra mile and offered to help Khan achieve his goal by giving him an outfit for Raya.

(Credit: Facebook)

Bro, if you need baju Raya just WhatsApp me. I’ll give it to you for free this Raya. I’ll deliver it to you before Raya.

Syah Hop via Facebook

Grateful for the kindness shown to him, Khan Putra then paid it forward the very next day by handing out free meals to others as his own gesture of charity during this festive season.

(Credit: Facebook)

We’re proud of all the Malaysians who helped Khan. This all goes to show how one small act of kindness can create a far-reaching snowball effect. If this isn’t the definition of a true Malaysian spirit, then I don’t know what is.

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