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Real Life Superhero: Nearly 100 Needy Sabah Households Rescued By Iron Man

Real Life Superhero: Nearly 100 Needy Sabah Households Rescued By Iron Man

Kirat Kaur

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As if he hasn’t done enough to rescue mankind with a snap, Iron Man is now rescuing needy folks around Penampang, Sabah from hunger.

That’s right, the metal man himself was spotted shopping for groceries while on a mission to distribute aid to 98 households who cannot afford it during these difficult times.

The sight of the masked superhero getting his temperature checked and mulling over fresh chicken caught the eyes of many who approached for a picture. But being the responsible hero that he is, Iron Man reminded everyone to keep their distance and abide social distancing.

Iron Man spotted mulling over chicken at the market.
(Credit: Via Jimody/Facebook)

I was sad that I had to tell a kid he needed to keep his distance if he wanted to take pictures with me, but to my surprise he understood. Before I left, he said ‘Thank you Iron Man’ and that got me right there.

Iron Man aka Yohan Charles Jayasuriya.

While the man in the suit was not Tony Stark or Robert Downey Jr, Sabahan Yohan Charles Jayasuriya is just as heroic for his noble deed.

Yohan shared his charity mission on Facebook, explaining that he did it simply because he wanted to spread happiness.

He spent almost 8 hours in costume, from buying groceries to driving around town and distributing to the households. Despite the heat and body aches, Yohan says it’s all worth it.

(Credit: Yohan Charles Jayasuriya/Facebook)

It made me want to cry when I saw their laughter and smiles.

Yohan Charles Jayasuriya, Sabah’s Iron Man.

He also revealed that this endeavour was a team effort, backed by anonymous folks Yohan called ‘the real heroes’ who sponsored the groceries.

The grocery supplies distributed to needy households. (Credit: Yohan Charles Jayasuriya/Facebook)

For all the relief I had sent, hope it helps to lessen your burden during this MCO. To the sponsors, you guys are the real heroes here. My runner services are available whenever you need me because I Am Iron Man. Love u 3000 y’all.

Yohan Charles Jayasuriya, not Tony Stark.

Hats off to Yohan and the sponsors for spreading hope and joy during this difficult time. We love you 3000, too.

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