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Abandoned Dog In Ipoh Found With The Most Infuriating Note Left By Irresponsible Owner

Abandoned Dog In Ipoh Found With The Most Infuriating Note Left By Irresponsible Owner

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It seems that our furry friends are just as affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) as we are.

The tale of an adorable dog found wandering around the streets with a note around its neck by an Ipoh man has tugged at the heartstrings of Malaysians online.

Lionel Keith Vytialingam took to Facebook to share his story on finding a lone little dog running around aimlessly in the middle of a big road in Canning Garden while he was out on a grocery run.

As I was getting groceries, I caught sight of a lone lil dog running aimlessly in the middle of a big road Jalan Canning Estate in Canning Garden, Ipoh. Thank God it’s the MCO and traffic wasn’t the usual. Still, car and bike horns were blaring at this aimless lost creature. I held my breath each time she swerved into them or they into her.

Lionel Keith Vytialingam, Facebook.

Keeping up with the furry little thing in his car, he stopped by the roadside and waited for the dog to approach him – all the while noticing a soggy note on her neck.

The abandoned dog was found with a note around its neck.
(Credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam/Facebook)

He wrote that after 10 minutes of staring at him, the dog finally decided to come near and plopped in front of him with the @most intense, most pleading eye contact” from under her matted fringe. 

Hoping to find some information on the owner’s contact or address, he unfurled the note to find something that made him break down into tears instead.

The note that was attached to the abandoned dog.
(Credit: Lionel Keith Vytialingam/Facebook).

But it was.. sigh, a different sorta note. And I broke down in tears, one hand firmly grasping onto her sticky knots of fur. I experienced all kinds of emotions, but very little foresight.

Lionel Keith Vytialingam, Facebook.

He then brought home the 5-year-old goldendoodle, named Siggy by her previous owner, showered and fed her.

Upset by the negligence of Siggy’s owner, Lionel cautioned people to not get a pet unless they’re ready for the full-time commitment and that the decision should not be based on mood swings.

PLEASE do not do not DO NOT abandon/leave/disown/un-own/’release’/’FREE’ your pets onto the streets. Reach out and ask for help, and speak up if you are desperate, use the internet if you can, call a friend maybe.

Lionel Keith Vytialingam, Facebook.

His sentiments were echoed by several others who left comments commending Lionel while admonishing the doggo’s irresponsible owner.

Screenshot from Facebook

Lionel has since updated that Siggy will be adopted by his brother after the MCO.

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