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Malaysians Share Funny Moments Before The Movement Control Order

Malaysians Share Funny Moments Before The Movement Control Order

Malaysians prove that they still have a sense of humour even when there’s a crisis.

As the country is going through the movement control order for two weeks, some people have been buying food and necessities in droves, leaving behind empty shelves at supermarkets within a short span of time.

Even though some panicked before the order, others saw the funny side of crisis as they posted their mishaps online and we’ve compiled a few of them.

Panic buying got the best of Kak Yan

The panic buying got the best of “Kak Yan” who accidentally bought prayer oil instead of cooking oil as she was panicking to stock up.

The conversation was shared in Reddit where users commented that the oil was unsafe for consumption and it’s used primarily to light the lamps in temples.

One redditor explained:

Picture Credit: r/Malaysia

Gotta stay safe!

Antara yang habis diborong from r/malaysia

Malaysians have been urged to take safety precautions but no one can ever be too “safe”.

One user on Reddit (r/malaysia) posted a rack of condoms that was cleared up at one of the local supermarkets clearly showing how much Malaysians care about protecting themselves.

The comments from the Redditors? Well, you have to read them for yourself.

Picture Credit: r/Malaysia

There’s no such thing as too much Maggi

College students during lockdown be like from r/malaysia

Maggi is a household favourite and a staple for college and university students throughout the nation.

One Reddit user posted a car bonnet filled to the brim with the instant noodle as people are stocking up in response to the movement control order.

How can a student afford so much? A redditor has that answered that question:

Picture Credit: r/Malaysia

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