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Pizza Hut Malaysia Sent Pizza Hearts With Love Notes To Their Rivals For Valentines Day

Pizza Hut Malaysia Sent Pizza Hearts With Love Notes To Their Rivals For Valentines Day

For Valentines Day, Pizza Hut Malaysia showed their long list of competitors a little bit of love by delivering a bunch of heart-shaped pizzas right on their doorsteps.

And it was a lot of pizza hearts. Those who got the special delivery include Dominos, KFC, McDonald’s, A&W, Texas Chicken, even KyoChon!

The Pizza Hearts deliveries looked something like the one Pizza Hut Malaysia sent us! (Credit: TRP)

We effectively now live in a time when there is an array of huge corporations offering the same services to their customers.

Despite this huge selection of options, we rarely ever see these brands acknowledge each other in the marketing sphere….which is why it’s such a big deal when they do, especially when it’s done right!

Pizza Hut’s heart pizzas were accompanied with a personalised love note to each competitor. If you thought the pizzas were a cheeky move, you need to take a look at these notes. 

Confronting their direct competitor first, Pizza Hut sent Dominos a pizza heart with a note reassuring the company that there is indeed no bad blood between them, only healthy competition.

“Dear Domeeno, My lovely neighbour. Greetings from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love, and no hard filling!” (Credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia)

To KFC, Pizza Hut sent a cheeky note teasing them about Chizza, a.k.a KFC’s attempt at combining chicken and pizza.

“Dear Kepci, I know you love pizza. But “Chizza” is not Pizza. Here is a Piz’za Heart with love from us. We belanje.” (Credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia)

In their note to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut daringly incorporated their rival’s own tagline to promote their newest limited edition product!

“Dear Mekdi, Your burgers are cool.. But don’t be a chiken ah. Give this new Piz’za Heart a try. We heard Everyone’s Loving It.” (Credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia)

Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Pizza Hut Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer said that the whole campaign was driven by the mad respect they have for their rivals.

We have mad respect to our competitors and huge love towards our loyal fans so we thought that it would be fun to share a ‘Piz’za’ our heart through the surprise delivery.

Jean Ler, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia.

As part of their campaign, Pizza Hut also sent TRP some pizza hearts too! And we gotta say, we really felt a lot of love, from the heart-shaped pizza to the little heart shape details on the pizza boxes.

So cute! (Credit: TRP)

Pizza Heart is Pizza Hut Malaysia’s limited-time special featuring a heart-shaped pizza crust available in an array of Pizza Hut’s signature toppings such as Hawaiian Chicken (our favourite, in case anyone else wanted to send us more pizza), Aloha Chicken, Beef Pepperoni, and Chicken Pepperoni.

Now that Pizza Hut has made their move, we’re excited to see how their rivals decide to respond!

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