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15 Iconic Viral Moments That Defined Malaysia’s Online Presence In 2019

15 Iconic Viral Moments That Defined Malaysia’s Online Presence In 2019

Can you believe that this new and improved TRP has actually only been around for less than a year?

Yet, in the few months that we’ve been around, we’ve covered some insane viral stories that you guys shared like crazy.

So, to celebrate the end of a year, and all our readers, we thought we’d look back on the top 15 headlines that you guys shared the most!

15. Study: M’sian Influencers Mostly Fake & Can’t Really Influence People Anymore

(Credit: Unsplash)

The results of this study by a European marketing technology company triggered Malaysian influencers and Malaysians teased them further by widely sharing the information.

14. 9 M’sian Cities Will Be Underwater By 2050 Due To Rising Sea Levels

(Credit: TRP)

After a Malaysian-based research firm found that the global climate crisis would result in 9 major states ending up below sea level by 2050, Malaysians freaked out.

13. Another Car Caught Tailgating To Avoid Paying Toll: Ends Up Rear-Ending Vehicle In Front

(Credit: Twitter)

Following the viral news about a Mercedes tailgating a vehicle at a toll booth, we found out if such an action was truly illegal or not and how to file a complaint if we ever become a victim of such inconsiderate actions.

12. Motorcyclist Gets Hit By Car On Old Klang Road To Demand Money From Driver [Video]

(Credit: Twitter)

A viral case where a motorcyclist faked an accident with a car to get compensation resulted in all of us finding out the theory that car drivers are automatically at fault is completely false and really depends on the case.

11. Netizens Expose Viral Penang Super Clear River Filled With Koi-Like Fishes

(Credit: Facebook)

After an unbelievably beautiful image of a river in Penang went viral, sceptical Malaysian netizens showed their investigating prowess by unearthing the truth behind that “river”. 

10. M’sian Man Mistaken For Foodpanda MD, Changes Name To Avoid Harassment

(Credit: Malay Mail and Twitter)

When Foodpanda riders protested against their employer over a new payment scheme, Malaysians, unsurprisingly, stood in solidarity with their food delivery people.

And they started harassing a random Twitter user because they thought he was the Foodpanda Managing Director.

9. Bloomberg Says M’sia Partly Responsible For 63.6% Of Ocean Trash, Gets Slammed By The Internet

(Credit: Malay Mail)

After Malaysia sent back tonnes of illegal trash to the US, UK, Australia and Canada, Bloomberg published an article naming Malaysia as one of the top contributors to ocean trash.

The article did not sit well with the internet who called Bloomberg out for its one-sided piece.

8. Malaysian Handphone Salesman Shares Hilarious Online Chats He’s Had With Customers

(Credit: Pexels and Twitter)

Local phone salesman, Joe Gadget shared screenshots of funny conversations he’s had with customers that had the internet laughing so bad our stomachs hurt.

7. Nasi Lemak Aunty Makes Up To RM400,000 Monthly

Malaysians were shocked to find out that a nice old aunty selling nasi lemak at a stall in Ampang made way more money than they did at their office jobs.

6. Why Klang Valley Got So Cold All Of The Sudden

(Credit: Unsplash)

Malaysians were super surprised to find out that besides dengue season, flood season, durian season, and festive seasons, we also technically have a “cold season” as well. 

5. “Don’t Speak In Chinese When Other M’sians Are Around” 

(Credit: Facebook)

A young, ethnically-Chinese lawyer caught the attention of Twitterjaya after tweeting that he personally hated it when people speak Chinese in front of people who may not understand.

4. M’sian Man Reveals How He Got Away With Overstaying In Australia By Claiming To Be A Refugee

(Credit: Instagram)

At a time when many Malaysians were talking about how hard it was to travel to Australia, one Malaysian man explained how there were many unscrupulous Malaysians (including himself) who took advantage of Australia’s human-rights friendly policies to stay there indefinitely *gasps*.

3. Straw-less Boba Cup Designed! The Pearls FLOAT ABOVE THE ICE

(Credit: Behance)

While everyone was complaining about how the boba milk tea trend was resulting in a huge amount of plastic waste, two Taiwanese designers came up with an eco-friendly recycled-glass straw-less boba cup and left Malaysians everywhere IMPRESSED!

2. Russian YouTuber Complains About Bilingual Malaysian Tweets, Gets Roasted By Twitterjaya

(Credit: Twitter and Imgflip)

Malaysians teamed up in an online roast when a Russian YouTuber complained about how he could always only understand half of our tweets because of our multilingual capabilities.

1. Astro Go Shop Host Breaks Plate On Live TV Show After Claiming It’s Shatter Proof

(Credit: Twitter)

Well, there’s nothing the online world loves more than a Live TV FAIL. Especially when it was done on none other than on Malaysia’s media giant Astro.

Man, 2019 was wild! We can’t wait to see what else triggers Malaysians next year!

Can you think of any other viral moments this year? Share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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