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For nasi lemak, UK man spontaneously travels almost 10,000 km to KL from Europe

For nasi lemak, UK man spontaneously travels almost 10,000 km to KL from Europe

Ah nasi lemak, Singapore’s Malaysia’s national dish.

The intoxicating blend of coconut rice, spicy sambal, crispy anchovies and peanuts partnered with sliced cucumbers and a beautifully shiny boiled egg is nearly impossible to resist.

One can almost say that nasi lemak is the dish of dreams – which is exactly what Englishman Darren Cronian feels.

The UK man who travels and works remotely stunned Malaysians online when he uploaded video titled “Nasi Lemak – I Flew 6,000 Miles for Malaysian Food” on his YouTube channel, Remote Darren.

In the video description, Darren writes:

“Yes, I really. I flew 6,000 miles for Nasi Lemak to aid my addiction to Malaysia food.

After travelling and working remotely for nearly 5 years, Malaysian food is some of the most delicious food out there and flying to find Nasi Lemak while in Athens was a challenge.”

Darren Cronian via YouTube.

The 12-minute video starts with Darren documenting the beginning of his journey to Crete from Athens in Greece.

However, he laments that since he saw a couple of photographs of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast on Instagram, all he can think about is nasi lemak.

After Googling for Malaysian restaurants in Greece and finding none, Darren decided to do something pretty radical.

The UK man spontaneously jumped on a flight to KL from Greece and travelled almost 10,000 kilometres for nasi lemak!

 “I’m cancelling my trip and jumping on a plane to find nasi lemak. That’s just crazy. Why am I doing this?”

Darren Cronian via YouTube.

After skipping through his transit in Changi Airport in Singapore, Darren finally got a plate of delicious nasi lemak after being apart from the dish for almost 7 months.

Despite the 17-hour journey and jet lag, Darren has zero regrets.

He told Malay Mail that nasi lemak was literally the first Malaysian dish he tried when he visited Kuala Lumpur 5 years ago.

Since then, he fell in love with Malaysia’s food and people, even calling Kuala Lumpur his second home.

Seeing how he travelled ALMOST 10,000 kilometres for nasi lemak, we’d say his passion for food is matched only by a hungry Malaysian.

While he’s here, Darren informed Malay Mail that he plans to hang around for another four weeks, exploring Kuala Lumpur, Penang and discovering Sibu and Kuala Terengganu for the first time.

Watch his incredible nasi lemak journey below:

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