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Photographers ‘shot back’ at M’sian bride for calling them “waste of money” online

Photographers ‘shot back’ at M’sian bride for calling them “waste of money” online

Imagine spending thousands of ringgit on equipment and upgrades, and years to perfect your craft, only to be put down by an ignorant stranger online who implies that “anyone can do your job”. 

That’s exactly what’s happening in this bold tweet, claiming that wedding photographers are a waste of money and it’s cheaper to just use your own smartphones

You don’t need a DSLR to capture photos this nice. Paying photographers RM200/300. Wasting. Just snap photos and edit nicely with your phone, enough. If I can get 20 retweets I’ll share how I did it.

Naturally, the photographer community of Twitterjaya rose together and shot back at her.

This user straight up burned her:

I think the reason people hire photographers is so that their photos don’t turn out this hideous.”

Photographers started showing her what proper equipment and years of experience can do:

If you can take photos like these with a phone roger me!

This user pointed out the photography mistakes in her photos:

The hands and feet are cropped. The subject isn’t at the center. Rule of thirds wasn’t used. This is why photographers are important to capture the most important moment of your life.

Even tech blogger and photographer Adzrin Mansor weighed in:

Hiring photographers is like eating in a restaurant. You can choose to cook nice food at home but when you don’t feel like it, you hire someone else to cook for you. It’s the same as photography.

Depending on what we can afford, we can either hire a chef in a tomyam restaurant or a Michelin-star chef. Don’t jeopardise their source of income, sis.

One of them urged everyone to rise above and educate instead of bashing her:

Please people, don’t bash her, but educate her. Even though she’s wrong, she needs to know what was wrong. If she’s confident her photos are good enough, let her be. We don’t have to downgrade her the same way she’s insulting other photographers. Don’t stoop to her level.

This user explained to her why photographers charge the way they do:

Wasting? Photographers are making a living, sis. No one’s forcing you to hire them. Different people have different preferences. Maybe they know hiring photographers would result in nicer photos.

There are so many factors why photographers charge a fortune. We have to think about their costing in terms of time, the camera itself, the equipment they need, fuel, toll, accommodation. People see it as a simple job.

‘They’re just taking photos, why would they have to charge a fortune?’

They don’t see the ‘hidden’ costs they have to bear.

One thing’s for sure, even if you do decide to hire a photographer for your big day, be sure to check the reviews first. You wouldn’t want any surprises like this

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