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5 last-minute Halloween outfits that are office-appropriate for the lazy Malaysian
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5 last-minute Halloween outfits that are office-appropriate for the lazy Malaysian

Anne Dorall

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In an effort to increase team morale, many offices are introducing “fun things to do” such as wearing costumes into the office on Halloween.

Halloween is super fun if you’re going out for the night with your friends, but a Halloween costume that’s suitable for work is another thing altogether.

Not to worry though, because TRP’s got yo back: we’ve rounded up the top 5 gloriously Malaysian Halloween hacks to impress the office crowd but won’t break your back.

1. Uncle

(1) Good Morning white towel: It has to be this specific iconic thin white towel to pull the look together. Find the thin scratchy ones with a pleasant “Good Morning” printed on it with red ink. Go root around your linen closet for one.
(2) Pagoda singlet: Thin, cottony, and perfect for the sweltering Malaysian weather, pull together the perfect uncle look with your dad’s white singlet.
(3) Selipar Jepun: Forget Havaianas, this is the height of slipper fashion. Let no one tell you otherwise. Also just the right weight to give your naughty kids a good beating.

2. Rempit

(1) Open-face motorcycle helmet: Because rempits don’t have to worry about safety, the lack of chin protection is a key look.
(2) Selipar: Any kind of flip flop will do, as long as the toes are showing to reduce air drag.
(3) Reversed jacket: The brighter the jacket, the better. Wear it backwards, because wearing it correctly is for people who don’t ride.

3. Begpacker

(1) Western look: This look is perfect for those who already bleach their hair. All that’s left is the look of entitlement to seal the deal. Walk around as though it’s your atok‘s road.
(2) Beggar’s sign: Can’t have a begpacker look without the classic cardboard sign begging for money! Add a butchered local greeting to spice it up as well.
(3) Loose local clothing: Another iconic look when you wear loose batiks, elephant print harem pants, and a large amount of local handicraft made of seashells and coconut shells in the middle of KL.

4. Fat Dude

(1) Old Sweater: Just find a jack in a similar shade of puke-brown.
(2) Fat belly: If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
(3) Big beard: This probably the only thing you will have to buy if you do not already have a big beautiful beard.

5. Aunty

(1) Cigarette: Jangan merokok. It’s a good reason to bulk buy lollipops though.
(2) White night gown: Raid your ahma’s closet. The more vintage, the better.
(3) Hair curler: Just bulk buy from any store. Even better if you can find the multi-coloured packs.

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