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Anti-body-shaming advocate called out live on TV3 for ironic cyberbullying

Anti-body-shaming advocate called out live on TV3 for ironic cyberbullying

Yesterday, Twitterjaya blew up with a clip of Twitter personality (or as Malay Twitter calls him, Twitpemes) @Azfarovski, who happens to have albinism, calling out his fellow panellist on live TV for cyberbullying him.

Malaysian Twitter users, Azfar, Shazwan, and Zulina were invited as panellists to talk about body shaming on a local talk show called Malaysia Hari Ini.

Ironically, one of the victims of body shaming himself, @Shazwan, had his own history of cyberbullying others.  

A few months back, Shazwan quoted a news headline about an albino teen being slaughtered for a black magic ritual by saying “Someone should hunt and cut up Azfar too”.

Photo credit: Twitter/@Burhan_play

Upon public uproar, he deleted the tweet but it was too late; the screenshots had already been circulated online.

Instead of hiding behind the safety of a screen, Azfar took to live TV to call him out face-to-face saying:

“First of all, I will give you my first hand experience of how you won’t get away with body shaming, or cyberbullying. So, on August 20th, Astro Awani published an article about a Tanzanian child being slaughtered in the name of a ritual.

That’s what’s been happening to albinos in the world. Shazwan, you quoted the article and tagged me, saying something along the lines of “After this we can hunt down and cut Azfar too”.

Azfar Firdaus via TV3

It rendered Shazwan speechless, and he could barely respond. 

This incident was met with mixed reactions from Twitterjaya; some were supportive:

Others felt it was uncalled for and could start a vicious cycle of cyberbullying.

One Twitter user also joked about how the producer would get an earful for not preventing the panellists from mentioning their competitor (Astro Awani) on screen.

Jokes aside, cyberbullying is a serious offence. You can be charged under Section 233 (1)(b) of the Multimedia and Communication Act 1998 (Act 588). It can either get you fined up to RM50,000, jailed for a year, or both!

Or you can also get called out on live TV and risk ruining your own reputation. 

Same energy. (Photo credit: Twitter/@Arthur_Fleck__)

Responding to naysayers who called him out for his derogatory remarks in the past, Azfar tweeted:

Be the judge and watch the full clip here.

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