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3 M’sians eased a flood on Jln Genting Klang by removing storm drain covers

3 M’sians eased a flood on Jln Genting Klang by removing storm drain covers

With the recent change in monsoon season, several states across the nation have been experiencing flash floods.

In the Klang Valley, this has become an almost daily occurrence, with the evening thunderstorms and floods making rush hour traffic pretty much intolerable.

Actual footage of flood on Jalan Duta last week (Picture credit: Chinapress)

However, over the weekend, it seems that two Malaysians decided to take matters into their own hands and eased the flood AND traffic congestion on Jalan Genting Klang.

The story was told by Twitter user @datininaz who shared how her husband and brother used a little bit of common sense to help their fellow motorists.

According to @datininaz, the three of them were on their way to Kuala Lumpur for work matters. However, during their drive over, the rain started to pour down really heavily. They then decided to make a u-turn and use Jalan Genting Klang to get back home to Wangsa Maju instead.

Along their route, rainwater started to flood the road and they got stuck in traffic. It was apparently so bad that even a bus got stuck.

Picture credit: Twitter

They decided to take an exit nearby and park their car along the row of shophouses next to the main road.

That was when they noticed a storm drain nearby which was blocked by its cover.Since the water looked clean and clear, her husband and brother started to wonder if removing the storm drain cover might help ease the floodwater on the road.

Considering there were several cars in front of them which had stalled due to the rising level of water, they figured they would try to find a solution for everyone.

First, they removed the cover of one storm drain. Immediately the surrounding water started rushing into the drain.

It worked!

Picture credit: Twitter

@datininaz’s husband and brother then decided to uncover all the storm drains along the span of the 100m road they were on.

Meanwhile, @datininaz stood by the uncovered drains to warn motorcyclists and people from accidentally falling into the holes.

Within minutes, the entire road was drained of water and the traffic went back to normal!

And don’t worry, as soon as all the water had been removed, @datininaz and her team covered the drains again.

According to @datininaz, several motorists rolled down their windows to thank her and her team for their kind gesture.

Social media users also applauded the three for their quick thinking and kind effort.

Kudos to @datininaz, her husband and brother! The world needs more people like you guys!

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