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“No off day to attend funeral” – Klang company’s outrageous job posting draws criticisms online

“No off day to attend funeral” – Klang company’s outrageous job posting draws criticisms online

We’ve all had our fair share of toxic workplace experiences, from micromanaging bosses to backstabbing colleagues.

Usually we only find out once we’ve signed the confirmation
letter, but one company in Klang made a pretty nasty impression with an online
job posting riddled with outrageous demands.

Shared by Twitter user @qalamchikey, the job posting for an “Office Admin Data Entry” on recruitment website called for serious candidates and a shockingly stringent list of demands.

The company in Bandar Bukit Tinggi was extremely reluctant to give its employees off days – specifically stating “No off day to go help any friends or family member if they accident” and “No off day to attend funeral”!

Demanding for “Perfect Attitude”, the company also threatens
to blacklist employees on job sites using their IC number if they
deem the employee’s attendance as “no good”.

With over 3.1K retweets at the time of writing, Malaysians online were shocked and appalled at the ridiculous demands.

However, is the company allowed to do this?

As the salary range given is RM1,100 – RM1,300, the employee would be protected under the Employment Act 1955.

Here’s what the law says about the Klang company’s demands:

No Simply Off

Employees are entitled to certain amount of leave days per year BUT the employer has control when the leave can be used. Meaning, employers are free to reject leave applications.

No off day to attend funeral/help friends or family in

With emergency leave, the law recognises that an employee may not be able to work due to unforeseen circumstamces. So emergency leave can be taken with the following conditions:

  1. MUST have a reasonable excuse for absence
  2. MUST inform or attempted to inform employer at the earliest opportunity for such absence

There is no proper definition of reasonable excuse, but accident
or the death of an immediate family member does fall under “reasonable excuse”.

Credit: Imgur

FYI, if you are arrested or required to attend a court proceeding, it’s not considered an emergency leave but unpaid leave.

No MC claim

Employers are actually not required to pay for medical leave. However, you MUST inform your employer within 48 hours if you take an MC. Otherwise, you will be considered absent without permission or reasonable excuse.

Credit: Mr Memel

As it turns out, the Klang company’s demands are not wrong in the eyes of the law. Ethically, it’s a different story altogether.

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