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5 things every M’sian kid remembers fearing in school

5 things every M’sian kid remembers fearing in school

Everyone has their own form of fear. Some of the more classic ones range from something as understandable as the fear of heights (and FLYING cockroaches), to super questionable ones like the fear of elevators.

Let’s admit, it is pretty entertaining to see someone running away from something they are afraid of (as long as it does not happen to you!). 

In this video posted by Nur Izzaty Mohammad on Facebook,  a little boy apparently “hijacked” a schoolmate’s bicycle and cycled all the way home from school to escape a routine injection.

This very innocent act of going the extra mile to escape something so trivial really takes us back to simpler times when we used to be afraid of certain things in school:

1. Not finishing homework

It was not the reputation we had with our teachers that was at stake, but more towards our reputation in school if we were to face humiliating consequences like standing outside the class. This was not an ideal way to be seen by your crush from the class next door!

2. Cikgu Disiplin

Image credit: Utusan Malaysia

Back then we believed that the discipline teacher was the most powerful person in school. The mere sight of them walking down the hall with their infamous “rotan” was enough to send kids scurrying back to their seats.

Not even the biggest bully in school dared to whisper in the presence of our beloved “cikgu disiplin” for fear of feeling the wrath of their rotan. To this day, we are still impressed by how prefects were able to work so closely with them!

3. Dentist

Dentophobia, a fear of seeing the dentist, is very common among children. It was very nerve-wracking to have had your teeth being scrutinised by a stranger, especially when almost everything you had as a kid induced cavities and you had a higher tendency to not have brushed your teeth properly. 

4. Coming late

Rather than being late, you would have preferred to stay at home and skip school to spare yourself the embarrassment of getting caught by the prefects stationed at the school entrance, ready to hand over your name to the discipline teacher. Who knew what sort of denda awaited you!

5. Spotcheck

Remember how we used to befriend prefects to get intel on the next spotcheck? Some of the good Samaritans even joined forces with us to hide and tape our forbidden liquid papers and handphones underneath chairs, tables and behind bulletin boards – wherever we felt was safe!

After all, should your item have gotten confiscated, they would have ended up in the staff room (read: the Bermuda Triangle of the school), never to be seen again. 

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