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7 things you didn’t know you can’t recycle

7 things you didn’t know you can’t recycle

Hakim Hassan

Some times we do want to do our bit for the environment and one of the best ways to do so is to recycle.

Although common household items around might look like they are recyclable, some of them, are not actually.

Below are some items that you can’t really recycle.

1. Some coffee cup types are not recyclable

Although your coffee cup might look like it’s made out of paper, but the inside has a thin layer of plastic and can’t be recycled unless separated. You kinda need a special machine to separate the two.

2.Greasy, Dirty Pizza Boxes

In the process of paper recycling, tainted paper doesn’t get heated during the recycling process. If the materials mixed are contaminated with grease, pulp or oil, it can ruin the batch.

3. #7 Plastics Marked as Other

Credit: Town of Jay Vermont

Try to rinse or wash your plastics and clear residuals before recycling.

4. Dirty Plastics can’t be recycled

If you see #7 in the center of a three-arrowed triangle, which you can find in any plastic product, there is no way of knowing for certain whether the plastic is recyclable or otherwise

5. Tissue Paper/Kitchen Roll

Because they usually come in contact with a lot of different types of things (food waste, greases, maybe bodily fluids), they can’t be “cleaned” during the recycling process.

6. Mirrors

(Image Credit: Know Your Meme)

The type of glass used in mirrors are non-recyclable.

7.Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper that is foil, glittery, or even a bit shiny is not recyclable as it can’t be mulched.

These are some of the things which you can’t recycle, do take note that some of these items every time you want to recycle.

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