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EXPOSED: Truth behind viral pic of mum carrying food delivery bag with baby

EXPOSED: Truth behind viral pic of mum carrying food delivery bag with baby

Let’s be real.

ALL OF US read headlines, watch videos, and look at pictures on social media and JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

Most of us don’t read the article or do any proper research into the background of the video or photo before we share it with our followers.

Picture credit: Imgflip

Well, we might wanna rethink this habit of ours because some people are actually being affected by our baseless speculations.

Recently, a post with two photos of a woman carrying a food delivery bag with a young child in front of a fast-food restaurant went viral online.

Garnering thousands of shares and comments, social media users sympathised with the woman assuming she didn’t have any family support and hence had no choice but to work as a food delivery rider while bringing her small child with her.

Picture via Facebook


The woman’s husband has come forward to speak up about the actual circumstances of the photographs.

Mohamad Hafifi Mohamad Yusoff explained to Free Malaysia Today what really happened:

Mohamad Hafifi is the food delivery rider.

He was in the process of making his final delivery for the night to a customer in Kampung Kerinchi, Bangsar.

My kid wanted ice cream, and my wife wanted to buy some food [at the fast food restaurant], so I took them with me to pick up the order.

Then I sent them home first because my house is close to the customer’s house.

Mohamad Hafifi via OhBulan (translated to English from BM)

He was shocked to see a photograph of his wife and child going viral on social media with social media users claiming his wife was forced to deliver food with her kid to financially support herself and her family.

Mohamad Hafifi also said that the reason he came forward to clear the air is that he is concerned that the viral photo might affect his position at the food delivery company.

There you have it guys, check your sources before you share and DON’T MAKE BASELESS SPECULATIONS!

You can check out the original viral Facebook post below:

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