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Kind-hearted M’sian makes special order just to belanja food delivery rider

Kind-hearted M’sian makes special order just to belanja food delivery rider

Kirat Kaur

Blame the job market or blame our laziness to buy food
ourselves, there’s no denying that food delivery riders are now part of the
urban Malaysian life.

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It’s a tough job where the hardworking riders tirelessly
brave Malaysian traffic, heavy rains and even skip their own meals just to satiate
our appetites.

Knowing this, a kind-hearted Malaysian made a special
order just to belanja a food delivery rider!

This heart-warming tale was shared by @danialrafiqq on Twitter last Sunday (15th September).

The Foodpanda delivery rider tweeted a picture of a very special customer order that bore the following message:

“Bro have you eaten? I buy this for you. No need to send to my location. Take the food, rest a while and fill your stomach.”

@danialrafiqq via Twitter

He captioned the tweet with, “May there be more customers
like this.”

The stranger’s kind gesture filled many hearts with hope and
joy as the tweet has been retweeted 21K times (at the time of writing).

Many were inspired by the stranger’s generosity while some
also shared their own tales of kindness.

Credit: Twitter

Translation: “Yesterday when I was on the way home, I saw a Foodpanda rider helping someone change their car tyre. May he be blessed!”

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Amazing, right?

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This tale also reminds us of the time when a Subang Jaya man offered a reward to find a food delivery rider for his life-saving gesture on the road. You can read about it HERE.

TRP would like to thank all the food delivery riders out there for their hard work!

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