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Speedy Video in Mid Valley Closes Down and Netizens Reminisce

Speedy Video in Mid Valley Closes Down and Netizens Reminisce

Do you guys remember the good old days of buying CDs and DVDs?

Looking for the best movies to watch over dinner with the family. Your older sister would be combing through the albums, torn between the Fall Out Boy album or the new Britney release. Your younger siblings in the animated section, arguing over getting either Kamen Rider or Ultraman.

It seems like those days are well gone now, even more so with the rise in streaming. With services like Netflix, Hulu, iFlix, and even Amazon Prime— the need for buying DVDs no longer exists. Why would you fork out money for a physical copy when everything is available at the touch of a finger, right? 

Twitter user Putra Adib posted that the iconic Mid Valley outlet for Speedy Video was closing down, which caused quite a stir amongst Malaysians.

The tweet went viral almost immediately, with tons of replies from shocked Malaysians.

Adib also posted in his thread about all of the CDs and DVDs being marked down for insane prices, urging cinephiles and collectors to head on down and grab what they can. The promotion will be going on until the 15th of September, so you only have a few more days to rush on over!

Netizens also took this moment to reflect and reminisce the beloved outlet. After all, Speedy Video has been standing tall for 30 years. To many of us, it was a must-visit place in our youth!

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

It’s undeniable that Speedy Video has left a mark in our hearts. Be it that One Direction limited edition CD you lined up in advance for, or the boxsets of your favourite TV show you found buried at the back; we all have some shared nostalgia about walking through the doors of Speedy.

It may be the end of an era, but hey, at least we had a good run.

Article by Leyasheena Panicker

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