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Boy scared of dog climbed into stranger’s car for cover [Video]

Boy scared of dog climbed into stranger’s car for cover [Video]

Akmal Hakim

A viral video that’s making rounds on social media shows just how much fear can literally take you for a ride.

In a 45-second clip shared by Twitter user Istajib Mokhtar, a young boy is seen driven mad with terror when he apparently crossed paths with a stray dog.

The boy had been cycling around the neighbourhood when he had a run-in with the drifter doggo.

Panicking at the sight of the animal, the boy got off his bicycle and ran off to seek the help of an oncoming vehicle that was coincidentally in the area.

The video shows the boy confessing his fear to the driver, who managed to record the boy’s reaction.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

In the clip, the kid can be seen trembling in fear, asking the woman for help.

Fully giving in to his fear, the boy then decided to jump for cover, climbing his way through the open driver’s side window of the woman’s car.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

After climbing into the car, the kid then crawled his way into the back seat, finally protected from the “vicious monster” that had been terrorizing his day.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

“The dog! It’s chasing me…”

“There! It’s over there! The brown one!”

Gestured the boy as the woman recording the video went on to tease him, calling out to the dog to come and chase after the boy – via Twitter

The driver can be heard laughing away, shocked and humoured by the boy’s actions.

The video posted on September 3 has since been viewed over 100,000 times, quickly becoming the talk of Twitterjaya.

Netizens came in droves commenting on the boy’s cute and comical behaviour.

“Oh my god, so cute!”

“The lady is so mean…”

via Twitter

“I feel what the kid is going through since I have a phobia of dogs too…”

via Twitter

“This boy is so cute when he said he was scared. But it’s dangerous to just jump into a stranger’s cars…”

via Twitter

Commenters also shared their own experiences of being scared and chased by dogs.

“I onced ran away from a barking dog leaving my four-year-old sibling behind…”

via Twitter

“I was once chased by a dog when my friend was teaching me how to ride a bike. He ran away leaving me behind, then I fell off the bike and forgot what happened next…”

via Twitter

“Once I got chased by a dog when I went out to buy snacks. Only when I got home that I noticed I was missing a slipper and dropped all the snack I had bought…”

via Twitter

Do you have your own hilariously terrifying experiences with dogs?

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