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Mean teenagers superglue cup to mamak table angers netizens [Video]

Mean teenagers superglue cup to mamak table angers netizens [Video]

Just when we thought that Malaysian teens have learnt their lesson after the squishing incident at a Nilai Family Mart earlier this year, something new popped up that made us face palm very, very hard.

In today’s episode of irresponsible teens, we are confronted by their awful action of supergluing a cup to a table at the mamak.

Credit: Twitter

A video has popped on Twitter, shared by user Alec (@tehpeng_), showing a waiter labouring to remove a glass from the table with a knife.

According to Alec, a group of teenagers around secondary
school age were hanging out at the mamak- making noise and catcalling passers-by.

While that was annoying, it was overshadowed by their mean-spirited
actions of gluing a cup to the table with elephant glue.

Disturbed by their awful actions, Alec called for people to put a stop to such behaviour as vandalism is no laughing matter.

“There are those who normalise vandalism, saying “It’s no big deal, they’re just naughty kids.”

Guys, we’re supposed to teach them when they’re young. Otherwise, they’ll vandalise public facilities when they’re older.

They’re our next generation, don’t let them “normalise” this please.”

Alec (@tehpeng_) via Twitter.

He then urged for the adults to help educate kids who behave
badly for the good of society.

With 20.7K retweets at the time of writing, the video hit a nerve for many Malaysians who were simply appalled by the horrid act.

Translation: “Then they’ll make a prank video. The youth nowadays are so weak. They can’t differentiate between bravery and stupidity.”

Translation: “If the kids are caught, I’ll glue their heads together. Face to face.”

Translation: “Pity the waiter. What’s their problem anyway? I feel like knocking their heads. So infuriating!”

Translation: ” Check the CCTV and make a police report. This case can be categorised as vandalism.”

If the kids are caught, they could be investigated and charged for mischief under Section 427 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

Screenshot from Penal Code

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