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7 Merdeka videos that will 100% give you all the cheesy, patriotic feels (2019)

7 Merdeka videos that will 100% give you all the cheesy, patriotic feels (2019)

We’re two sleeps away from our National Day and as usual, local mega corporations are pulling on the nation’s heartstrings with the release of their promotional videos.

We’ve arranged the 7 best videos we saw so far in a neat little article for you to soak up the patriotism and then ask the person next to you if someone is cutting onions.

1. Apabila Dr Mahathir ditanya mengenai Merdeka

Technically this one isn’t by a company. However, considering it’s Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s official National Day video, obviously, we had to include it in this list!

2. 62 Tahun Utuh Bersama Malaysia

Using the different ways people show their love to their country as a metaphor for how diverse our country is, Mydin’s National Day video also subtly encouraged people to take care of the environment!

3. UNI

A play on the word “university” and “unity”, Petronas reminds us that peace, harmony and friendship comes from inclusivity first.

4. 100% Malaysia

While it may be true that in the past, the ethnic groups in Malaysia were separate. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a Malaysian that is purely one ethnicity. And that is the message Maxis intends to share this National Day with their star-studded video.

5. Bersama Melakar Kemenangan

It’s undoubtedly true that sports somehow ALWAYS manages to bring Malaysians together. CIMB rides on this theme in their National Day video with the Pocket Rocketman, Azizulhasni Awang.

6. Projek Footbraille oleh Digi

This National Day, Digi has been busy with Project Footbraille, their effort to help all Malaysians, even those differently-abled, experience the important moments that mean the most to us.

7. ‘We are Malaysians’ Series #2

IJM Land’s simple yet powerful video pays homage to our cultural dance variations, highlighting both the differences AND similarities each have and mirroring that to our people.

Besides these seven, we also wrote about RHB’s National Day video released earlier this month.

It was a painful reminder that we Malaysians can accidentally be weary of each other due to our differences but it also reminds us that we don’t have to be that way.

Have you seen any other really good National Day videos?

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