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Boboiboy director says Hollywood animation not as good as Malaysian animation

Boboiboy director says Hollywood animation not as good as Malaysian animation

Tasneem Nazari

For all the naysayers who don’t think local animation is any good, boy does Boboiboy director, Nizam Razak, have some serious tea for you.

According to this Twitter thread, the local director was recently asked if Malaysian animation was comparable to the ones produced in Hollywood.

His answer: Nope. But not in the way you might think.

Nizam Razak believes, no, HE INSISTS, that Malaysian animation is waaaay better than Hollywood’s.

1. Budget.

Nizam explained that the recent Boboiboy animated film was completed with a budget of RM7 million. Meanwhile, animated films produced in Hollywood cost around RM700 million. 

For example, Disney’s Frozen cost the production company about RM630 million ($150 million)

2. Production time.

He then compared the time it took to make Boboiboy.

Apparently, it took local animators about one year to complete the entire film. Meanwhile, Disney’s Frozen took four years to develop and complete.

3. Manpower.

For Boboiboy, it took a measly 60 person team to create the film. They simply had the same employees doing several different tasks throughout the project. The entire team was under Monsta Studio – the producers of Boboiboy. No third party contractors were hired.

According to Nizam, Hollywood has about 600 people working on one film.

Research (Google) shows that apparently a team of 60 only makes up the number of animators. And that doesn’t count the manpower required to do everything else.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, you can check out the trailer below:

Do you think a local animated film like Boboiboy is comparable to a Disney animated film?

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