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As low as RM5, M’sians share their most stylish bundle looks!

As low as RM5, M’sians share their most stylish bundle looks!

Kirat Kaur

So last week, Twitter user @harafnaw donned a RM6 pasar malam outfit to KL Fashion Week (KLFW) after losing a Twitter challenge.

We gotta say, she pulled off the look really
despite the ridiculous knock-off Fila getup.

Credit: @harafnaw/Twitter

Her tale went viral as netizens couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

However, it spawned something quite interesting on Twitterjaya
as everyone clamoured to share their bomb bundle looks.

FYI: Bundle here refers to the thrift shops all over Malaysia that sells second-hand clothing items and accessories for super cheap.

Truly inspired by these budget-glam lewks, we’ve compiled some of the best ones for your next wallet- friendly outfit #inspo:

This RM5 dress

Credit: @yasmimeen/Twitter

This other pink RM5 ensemble


This super chic Paris-in-KL vibe

Credit: @aqilahnaqlis/Twitter

Feelin’ the old school cool

Credit: @tengkusyahaha/Twitter

Mommy & Me matching outfits

Credit: @emilylims/Twitter

These super chill street styles

Credit: @u2airshoid/Twitter
Credit: @Ifwatredha/Twitter
Credit: @AnnieVeeee/Twitter

Bundle gone edgy

Credit: @nxshafhmy/Twitter

This eye candy

Credit: @averysbubs/Twitter

The Powerpuff Girls

Credit: @fvrvhs/Twitter

This boho-padi look

Credit: @pijovespa/Twitter

This Jalur Gemilang avatar

Credit: @fvrvhs/Twitter

Nothing shady about this…

Credit: @izdgrnde/Twitter

This black-and-white issue

Credit: @juezahari/Twitter

The boho-jabi

Credit: @theleymans/Twitter

Pretty impressive right? We’re truly feeling these low-budget, high-fashion looks!

In case you wanna go bundle shopping for yourself, a Twitter user kindly listed down a couple of options:

What’s your favourite bundle look? Let us know on TRP’s FacebookTwitter, andInstagram!

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