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M’sian dad records his 4YO’s head “stuck” in mall’s railings [Video]

M’sian dad records his 4YO’s head “stuck” in mall’s railings [Video]

Disclaimer: No children were hurt in this video

What would you do if your kid got stuck in between railings?Panic? Cry? Laugh?

Well, Twitter user @mhilmiismail TOOK OUT HIS PHONE & RECORDED his adorably screaming daughter.

I always see people’s childrens’ head getting stuck. When my kid’s head was stuck, it was so hilarious! 😂🤣

In the video, @mhilmiismail is heard saying to his daughter (between laughs):

“How come like this? How?  Don’t cry, just bend down, bend down…Do you wanna do it again? Do la some more…”

(Pic Credit: Sgage)

The 4-year-old Naurah has captured the hearts of the Twitterverse with 341,000 views over the weekend, and nearly 29,000 retweets.

Besides, this is not the first time Naurah has tickled the hearts of netizens.

What kind of hilarity is this?

My wife praying.
My kids playing whilst eating lollipop.

My wife: *yawns*
Naurah: *Stuffs lollipops in her mother’s mouth*

Being the Asian parents we are, Malaysians are just adding salt to the wound.

Parents just love to say to their kids when they make mistakes, “haaa do some more, wanna do again?” 😂”

(Screenshot via Twitter)
(Screenshot via Twitter)

Hahahah if we joke about leaving them, they will cry even louder 😂”

“If it was me, I’ll tease her some more.

I’ll say, need to chop off her head laa, I’ll say need to leave her there laa, or just say the police will come laa. Hahahaha 😂😂😂. “Haaa do some more, do laa”. Reverse psychology.”

(Pic Credit: Sgag)

Whilst some Netizens were sharing their funny childhood memories.

“Normally, kids who like to do weird things like this are smart. When my sister was small, she took the bicycle lock and chained it around her neck. The key was lost. My late father had to saw the lock off her. Her neck was stuck to the lock for 24 hours. 😂 Thank God now that she’s grown up, she’s very, very smart.”

(Pic Credit: meme center)

I remember when I was small, I was stuck in a wooden chair. 🤣🤣 The most nervous of all was my brother, because he was scared that my mom would wake up…Finally he had to wake my mother up even though he was so scared 😂😂 When I think about it, how did I even end up doing such weird things?

“When I was a kid, my head got stuck in between two trees, we had to call Bomba to take out my head 😂😂😂😂😂

(Pic Credit: know your meme)

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