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This 2019 Merdeka advert uses color in an interesting way

This 2019 Merdeka advert uses color in an interesting way

Akmal Hakim

An inspiring Merdeka themed video ad is reminding Malaysians of the true meaning of Independence.

The video depicts regular Malaysians in different coloured clothing, going about their business on a depressing day.

The use of colour symbolises the assumed differences and struggles that segregates us from one another.

(Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

In the 1-minute 46-second clip, Malaysians are shown to be suspicious and afraid of one another, something that most people can relate to.

However, despite this mirrored look into our every-day lives, the video ends on a joyous note.

Everyone, despite the differences that divided them, managed to pull together, essentially working hand-in-hand, to show our TRUE COLOURS!

(Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

The video posted by RHB Group on August 12 captured the attention of Malaysians from all across cyberspace who expressed how they were touched and equally heartfelt by the stirring ad.

(Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Lets us all aspire to be more accepting and understanding of one another and unite together beyond our colours!

Catch the captivating video titled, Ketepikan Perbezaan Warna (Put Aside Our Different Colours) here;

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