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Fresh grad tells Twitterjaya about worst job interviewer ever

Fresh grad tells Twitterjaya about worst job interviewer ever

Ah, working life. Almost all of us can relate to the feeling of being freshly shipped out of education, only to arrive at the doorstep of real life unexpectedly.

The fear, the excitement, and the growth of it all has shaped us into the working adults we are today. 

However, with that comes horror stories of certain bosses and hellish tasks… but this one netizen seems to have had it worse than most of us!

Danial Ashraf, 24, took to Twitter to recount his side of a rather ridiculous interview he faced. The thread went viral after merely hours of being posted.

Screenshot via Twitter

According to his Twitter thread, Ashraf mentioned how he was interviewed by 2 interviewers; and boy, was this one interviewer an earful!

This particular interviewer kept on giving snide remarks and asking inappropriate questions throughout the interview.

Even though Ashraf kept his cool and progressed with the interview, the turning point of the interview came with the mention of the expected salary.

Screenshot via Twitter

The interviewer completely disregarded Ashraf’s resume, which clearly stated all of his experience and the reasons why he wanted a salary of RM2,700.

Instead of understanding Ashraf, the interviewer chose to ridicule him, and give him unsolicited advice on how the working world is like. 

Screenshot via Twitter

It’s clear that the interviewer was set on the idea of “working from the bottom”.

But how unreasonable was Ashraf’s claim for a starting salary?

Jobstore stated that according to the Malaysian Employees Federation, a fresh graduate’s starting salary with an Honours degree could actually go up to RM2,600.

Source: Jobstore 

On top of that, Malay Mail also noted that Bank Negara Malaysia stated earlier this year that RM2,700 is the minimum to be able to live in the metropolis.

The Malaysian Trade Union also added that RM3,000 should be the starting salary that is fitting for someone in today’s world. 

Screenshot via Twitter

Comparing that, Ashraf’s demand for a starting salary of RM2,400 is not very unreasonable and could even be considered as below the rate!

And what’s worse, it turns the position that he applied for in the first place wasn’t even available—and yet the interviewer kept grilling him anyway!

Screenshot via Twitter

Talk about testing your patience! 


We managed to speak to Ashraf in regards to this tale and he is still applying for other interviews. 

However, one thing to note about Ashraf’s tale is to always go into your interview prepared.

When scoffed at for being too ludicrous for his salary demand, Ashraf professionally turned the table by stating the facts he already knew about the current job market. Now that’s what you call a classy comeback!

So fresh graduates reading this, remember to be thorough when doing your research!

The starting salary question is no joke and if you bargain wrongly, you could potentially find yourself stuck at a job that can’t even cover your bills. 

And if you find yourself in a similar position like this with a rude interviewer, remember to keep your cool and exit gracefully. There’s nothing like the sweet victory of winning a battle of wits.


You can read Daniel’s full thread on Twitter:

(Article by Leyasheena Panicker)

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