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OKU man ditches wheelchair to rescue a kitten stuck in a storm drain (Video)

OKU man ditches wheelchair to rescue a kitten stuck in a storm drain (Video)

A man bound by a wheelchair showed true valour in a recent viral video where he selflessly rescued a kitten which got itself stuck in a storm drain.

(Image Credit: MSN)

Abu Fathiyyaturahma shared his story on Facebook where he and a friend had encountered the animal in desperate need of assistance as they were making their way to a nearby sports complex.

The two-minute clip showed the differently-abled hero getting off his wheelchair and making his way through a grassy meadow with his bare hands to get to the distressed animal which laid hanging on for dear life against the walls of the drain.

“This morning while we were on our way to the sports complex we came across a kitten that had fallen into a large drain, all drenched and hanging on tightly to the walls.”

“No idea how long it had been there, so I tried to help, and thankfully we managed to get it out.”

wrote Abu in the caption on Facebook

(Image Credit: Facebook)

According to Abu, his friend who was recording the video was also differently-abled, donning a prosthetic leg which made it difficult for him to assist in the rescue.

Going at it alone, Abu managed to get a hold of the troubled kitty and rescued it from the conundrum it was in.

The cat then quickly scurried away from the scene as its rescuer placed it on firm ground.

(Image Credit: Facebook)

Naturally, netizens were deeply impressed by Abu’s chivalrous actions, showering him with praises and respect.

(Image Credit: Facebook)

“Truly a loving person…”

“Thank god… hope you’ll be blessed with riches…”

“God bless you…”

“(A disability) is not a hindrance…”

via Facebook

We tip our hats to Abu and his friend, proving to everyone that nothing can get in the way of a true hero!

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