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M’sian woman shares how she was profiled and denied boarding flight to Australia

M’sian woman shares how she was profiled and denied boarding flight to Australia

Malaysians are reportedly the worst visa abusers when it comes to overstaying in Australia.

Now, more Malaysians are sharing how it has become particularly difficult for them to enter the country as they face racial profiling due to the irresponsible actions of their countrymen.

A young woman shared how she faced this exact scenario when trying to travel to Perth, Australia, recently. Her blow-by-blow post of the harrowing experience on Twitter went viral with over 17k retweets at the time of writing.

According to @reenzahari, although her travel visa was approved and she managed to successfully check-in for her flight, she and her five friends were denied permission to board their plane to Perth.

@reenzahari and her friends were standing in line at the final security check when the airline’s ground staff scanned her ticket and drew a cross on a piece of paper which had her ticket sequence number.

She and all her friends were then instructed to proceed to security and told to sit quietly to the side.

Then, a middle-aged woman claiming to be from the Australian immigration approached them and took their passports.

Without any introduction, the woman immediately asked the five young women how much money they had on them.

Shocked, @reenzahari informed the woman that they each had around AUD350 on them and that she had also brought a credit card.

The woman smirked and told them that amount of money would not suffice for their stay in Australia. She then proceeded to ask them for their itinerary, disallowing them from referring to any notes written in their phones.

However, before they could answer, she again dismissed them and implied that they had “other” plans for visiting the country.

After the embarrassing exchange, the woman forbade them from boarding the plane saying she “can’t let” them go to Australia because she “does not see them as tourists” as they did not have a sufficient amount of cash on them.

Apparently, the five young women later asked one of the security officers at the boarding gate why they weren’t allowed to board, who told them that it was because they were suspected of travelling to Australia to work as fruit-pickers.

While it appears that @reemzahari and her friends made no fault when planning their trip to Perth, it’s absolutely unfortunate that they ended up being racially profiled in that manner.

Twitter users were appalled that @reemzahari and her friends were treated that way. Though, some admitted that they weren’t surprised considering the fact that there were many illegal Malaysian migrants in Australia.

“Look at what it’s like to enter Australia now. Being questioned like criminals”

There were also some netizens who offered several solutions. Including urging the Australian government to state minimum requirements for Malaysians who intend to travel to their country.

You can read @reemzahari’s full thread here.

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