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Batu Caves Monkeys Viral After Terrorising American Internet Personality (Video)

Batu Caves Monkeys Viral After Terrorising American Internet Personality (Video)

Every Malaysian knows that you should NEVER EVER MESS WITH MONKEYS.

ESPECIALLY the crazy ones that call Batu Caves their home.

But, kesian all the tourists lah. They go to Batu Caves, hoping for some culture and cool Instagram pictures.

Batu Caves
(Credit: Star Travel)

Then, all they see is a cute, furry little creature and think that it’s perfectly fine to go up to these little terrorists and play/pet/feed them.

Well, they always learn the hard way that NO, you NEVER feed the monkeys and you should run far far FAAAAR away.

Just like this American internet personality who thought it was a wise idea to go up to a thieving monkey in Batu Caves.

Kelvin Peña, aka Brother Nature, uploaded a 42-second video on Twitter of him screaming in fear as a Batu Caves macaque monkey hissed and lunged at him.

The American, who went viral for befriending deers, walked up to a monkey who had apparently stolen a drink bottle from a vendor and tried to tell it off.

Look at these thieving monkeys. There’s no reason why you stole this from the merchant! Imma take it back.

@Brother Nature via Twitter

Clearly, the monkey did not appreciate the reprimand and lunged at Kelvin, hissing viciously.

Never confront the monkeys at Batu Caves if you value your safety.
(Credit: @BrotherNature/Twitter)

Just like any other mere mortal who come face to face with the monkeys, Kelvin let out a blood-curdling scream and backed off quickly.

Chill, chill, chill bro!
It’s yours, you got it. I’m not trying to do the right thing!
Why are you coming after ME?? I’m just trying to help!

@Brother Nature via Twitter
The monkeys can and will attack.
(Credit: @BrotherNature/Twitter)

The video quickly caught the attention of Malaysians and non-Malaysians on Twitter, with 26.5K retweets and 92.3K likes at the time of writing.

Despite the hilarity, there are some safety precautions you should take when interacting with a monkey:

  1. Keep food out of sight.
  2. If a monkey approaches you, remain calm and quiet.
  3. Do not make sudden movements.
  4. Do not maintain direct eye contact.
  5. Do not try to hit the monkey.
  6. Back away slowly. Do not turn away from monkeys and run.
  7. Hide or throw away an object that is attracting monkeys.
  8. If you are with a child, put him/her on your shoulders.

In addition, we also think this tweet deserves an honourable mention:

Hopefully, this will be a lesson to anyone who thinks it’s safe to approach these deceptively cute creatures.

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