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#KelantanKindness trending on Twitterjaya
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#KelantanKindness trending on Twitterjaya


We all know Kelantan as that east-coast state, bordering Thailand that just loveeeeeeeees their budu (fermented seafood in a bottle), who are sometimes labelled ‘clannish’ and have their own ‘language’ other Malaysians have difficulty understanding.

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So one Twitter user @AdDien90 decided to spark some positivity on Twitterjaya towards the Kelantanese kind by creating the hashtag #KelantanKindness.

Well, it has been steadily trending all over Twitterjaya for about 24 hours now.


Always see people spreading hate towards Kelantanese, especially if there is any crime or viral issues. It’s not nice and not fair la like that. I believe a lot of Kelantanese are good people. Reply this tweet and share you experience with any Kelantanese #KelantanKindness.

The hashtag #KelantanKindness OFFICIALLY started trending as early as 6 hours after the first tweet.

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Many are supporting his move too.

It is so popular that even the UNICEF representative Malaysia, Marianne Clark used the hashtag too!


FYI to put in context the misery faced by the Kelantanese clan, @AdDien90 shared a Direct Message (DM) he received.

In the DM, it was shared how s/he was once so depressed just being Kelantanese because of all the discrimination s/he had to face from colleagues and friends.

It was also disclosed s/he had to even leave social media because s/he couldn’t stand the discrimination.

S/he ended her DM with a thank you and prayed for @AdDien90‘s health and happiness.

Truly positivity is something that you can easily catch, as intended by @AdDien90.


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